John Thorogood - Art

After a lifetime of untutored painting endeavour, the backdrop to a day job working with modern languages in various capacities, I had the good fortune to be accepted by the Camberwell College of Arts, as it then was, to follow a Foundation and Degree course in Painting.

My work up till then had been exclusively figurative, most often using watercolour to address the traditional subject areas of landscape, life drawing, portraiture and still life. The four precious years at Camberwell were not, I determined, to be squandered in a reprise of my life’s hobbyist work. I therefore resolved to try and get to grips with abstraction.

These years saw an exploration of a variety of approaches to abstract composition. A period of grid based abstracts led to an increasing interest in the application of simple rules governing, e.g. the behaviour of lines and spaces within the painting. The ‘decorative’ in contemporary art also began to play a part in my thematic development. This was in fact to be the central topic in my degree dissertation.

The work on display on this site has been grouped under five categories. (Please note that the site remains under development and not all categories are yet available for viewing.)

The first two of these are recent thematic series and the third includes a wider range of abstract works. The watercolour section is largely devoted to landscape painting and the drawing section to an unclassifiable medley of small works done over many years.